Flower shop Dado  operates at two locations in the city of Rijeka. Location Drenova with two objects which offer all kinds of lanterns, artificial flowers and cut flowers. On location Trsat we do business with one object in which we also offer lanterns and flowers of different assortment. Flowers as bouquets and wreaths for the the cemetery can be ordered at the above locations and delivered to all parts of the city of Rijeka. Delivery to suburban areas and towns Bakar and Opatija is also possible.



Flowers from time immemorial is used as a symbol by which we emphasize all the major events in life, from birth to death. Expression of sympathy and grief for the deceased person we express by various forms of flower arrangement: wreaths, bouquets grave, burial arrangements, etc… Flower shop Dado  in their premises offers all kinds of arrangements of fresh and artificial flowers, and all kinds of candles and lanterns for the cemetery. Making wreaths and bouquets of fresh flowers for the funeral should be pre-announced and delivery can be done in various cemeteries in the city of Rijeka.


Thank you for visiting our website! All orders can be made by phone, email or in person with us in flower shops.

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